It’s OK to Outsource!

Like most people that take the plunge and start up their own business I too had set a budget, I was under the impression that to be a success everything had to be done by me, and me alone, in order to insure I at least break even or make a small profit. Actually, if I pay people to do the tasks that I don’t specialise in it frees up more time to ensure that I can do all the revenue generating activities.

I seem to be having a few ‘light bulb moments’ lately, this one came from Katie Diacon’s speech at the Downend Business Inspired meeting on Monday. Katie was talking about getting more clients through great PR and how to promote yourself and your business. During the evening Katie talked about surrounding yourself with a good team and this made me realise that this doesn’t mean employing people. Your team can be made up of all sorts of people from those that support and assist you with your business to clients and family and friends.

What about my team??

I’ve built up a good group of people that I network with and all these people support me, from IT and web building through to advice and a friendly ear. But not many of these assist me, I haven’t used a PA or a copy writer (although my husband is doing a good job of helping with this!) and I haven’t engaged the services of a marketer or PR consultant.

My husband says ‘Team work makes the dream work’ and although a little cheesy it got me thinking.  What if I did?
What if I used some of these services to assist me in growing the presence of my business? Not only would this save me some time in the tasks I find challenging and time consuming but this would allow me to really focus on what I excel at.

Katie’s book, along with Karen’s workshop are currently providing plenty of thought around what is the best way to promote my business and generate those sales.

Watch this space for the developments!

SamanthaIt’s OK to Outsource!

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