Maternity Pay

One of my self employed clients is about to have her first child and I’ve been looking into the following for her, so though I would share.

Maternity Pay for the Self Employed

When you are employed you may be entitled to Statutory Maternity Pay from your employer. When you are self employed you may be entitled to Maternity Allowance.

If you’re registered self employed and paying class 2 NI contributions, or have a small earning certificate, you might get Maternity Allowance. You may be eligible if you’ve been employed and/or self employed for at least 26 in the 66 weeks up to and including the week before your baby is due.

You must also earn an average minimum of £30 per week in each of the 26 weeks.

Maternity Allowance will be paid up to a maximum of 39 weeks but what you receive will depend on your earnings. If your average earnings is less than 90% of £135.45 (from 9th April 2012) you will receive the lower figure, if you earnings are over £135.45 you will receive £135.45 per week.

You can claim maternity allowance when you reach the 14th week before your baby is due (week 27) by completing the MA1 pack. You can request it from your Jobcentre our download it here:


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