The Solopreneur’s Bookkeeper


At LilyIris Accounting we believe in making accounting accessible for all business owners, regardless of what stage you are at.

With that in mind we have created The Solopreneur’s Bookkeeper, resources specifically designed for sole traders. 

28 Day Challenge

Do you leave your tax return right to the end of January each year? You know you should complete it in April or May and give yourself maximum time to pull together the tax & NI owed, but it just fills you with dread?

Do you want to be more organised on a monthly basis but just don’t know where to start?

Join us for our free 28 day challenge where we will guide you through a weekly and monthly process to help you achieve a regular review and gain control over your finances.

Sign up below to start your journey to creating a stress free finance process.

Starting on Monday 5th February and for the next 3 Monday’s, you’ll receive a workbook into your inbox with exercises to complete, tips to follow and support to get you going. 

There will be a private Facebook Group for the duration of the challenge, for you to come and ask questions, get support and discuss any challenges.

At the end of the 28 days you will have formed a new habit of completing your bookkeeping regularly! Sending you well on your way to completing your tax return in April!

SamanthaThe Solopreneur’s Bookkeeper